Camping information for Slovenia and Balkans

Hello camper van fans!

I am sure most of you people renting one of our camper vans, want to know where and how to find a good spot for the day and especially night. Unfortunately law in most of the Europe doesn't allow you to do free camping. However there are many free camper van stops or the ones with minimum fees. Check them out here:
Here you can also find many great campsites all over the region.

Another website with camper van stops in Slovenia is

Many travelers are also using app called PARK4NIGHT for finding nice places to spend the night.

Also some of the restaurants, farms and eco-tourisms will allow you to spend a night in their yard. Sometimes in exchange for a meal or for buying some good quality local products. 

What we advise you to do is to find yourselves a nice campsites in nature, away from mass tourism. There are many small, cute campsites in Slovenia, Croatia and other Balkan countries.  If you are coming anywehere from mid June until September it's better to book camspites in advance. 

The best site for all information about camping and campsites in our region is:

Just look at your route plan and see which campsites will be on your way.

If you are travelling in off season month and have enough time, you can simply look for them randomly. There will be signes at the road.

See you soon!