MIHA (Mozart of mechanics)

Žiga (about Miha);
Miha is my big brother. He was an asshole to me until I was 15. Then I went for a long holiday, and he saw life ain't easy without me. Now we are best friends even though we are 7 years difference. What I can say about him is that he is a man of word, for whom I know would always stood beside me.

Nejc (about Miha):
I love his northwest mountain accent. They say people from this region are stingy. Well not this guy. I always have to fight with him for paying a beer. He got his first van 10 years ago as a gift from his dad. He is in love with camper vans and everything connected to it ever since. I never heard him saying we can't do this, or that. He can fix everything. From stove, to gearbox, to pop up roof. Beside being a camper van genius he is a very cool guy, young father and a great friend!

Miha (about himself):
I am just a simple guy!

ŽIGA (Joy rider)

MIHA (about Žiga);
Žiga is my little brother. He was awfully annoying when he was a child..Well, he still is a child. He is a very fast learner, an artist, skater, vanlifer and most of all MY little brother.

Nejc (about Žiga): I am always amazed by patience, knowledge and passion this guy has about camper vans. With his 20 and something he has balls to go alone for a month on a road tripe, surfing waves and skating hills of Sardinia. He is also the cute one in our Balkan campers family. Girls be aware ;).

Žiga (about himself): In young there is future! :)

NEJC (Gypsy soul)

MIHA (about Nejc);
When I met this guy he had no money, but had clear vision. Now, he is a guy without money and clear vision :). Nejc is a traveler, gypsy soul and most of all, a gentle visionary who loves people and life itself. He fell in love with camper vans in 2012, when he was living a van life in Australia for a month.

Žiga (about Nejc):
Everytime I see Nejc I still need to show him where you change the oil for the machine. Luckily Miha & Me are here for the mechanics :).

Nejc (about himself):
Be careful when you make a decision about business partners. Look what I have done?!