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I was named after Sipa - a beautiful type of squid, living in regional coastal waters of Croatia. I love to play around the ocean. I can disguise myself by blowing black ink and disappear to hidden Croatian gems in no time. 

I am a young and new member of Balkan Campers family. I can teach some of the members a lot about style, speed, modern technologies, camping equipment and more. I love Croatian coast and national parks too. If you rent me for a longer period, I can also take you to beautiful far away places. Let's explore natural playgrounds together! 

I am available for pick up and drop off in Rijeka, Croatia with NO DELIVERY FEE.


Rijeka bus station -  FREE DELIVERY + FREE PARKING! 

88 to 118 €/day

Basic specs

Volkswagen T5 

2000 cc, 62 KW 

Diesel (low consumption 8 l / 100 km's) 

Up to three people 

One big double bed 

Manual 5 transmission 

Air conditioning 

Year 2013 

Whats included

Solar panels 420w 

Inverter 12-220V 900-1200W 

Strong gel tech battery 350 Ah 

Refrigerator (220 V + 12V) 

Built in gas stove 

Fresh water tank 2 x 30 l 

Pots, pans, glasses & cutlery  

Camping table 

2 x gas tank 2kg-3kg 

Build in shower 

Electric cable 50 m 



Stick blender 

Extra equipment

Bedding - includes sheet, pilow & blanket for one person 

Camping chair 


Sleeping bag 


Child seat 

Eletric heater 




Awening - outdoor shadower 

Fun package - includes playing cards, frisbee, badminton racket, six pack and a surprise 


YES I want to plant a tree 


Bike rack for VW T3 models - up to three bicycles 

Bike rack for VW T5 models - 35 KG 

Safe box (money,passports, documents...) 

Solar shower 

Mosquito nets 

Portable heater (propane)