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30% OFF Autumn deal!

Autumn is the best time for road trip. Explore Balkans 30% off!

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Why Balkan Campers?

Word Balkan is too often connected with negativism. Nature here is amazing and wild, Culture is rich, people are still real and have big hearts, it's safe and extra interesting. That is what we are trying to point out here to you dear travelers. We will help you to create adventure of a lifetime in Adriatic region or elsewhere in Europe.

Daily mechanical check outs

In our mechanic shop we do regular check ups on our funky colored camper van family.

24/7 international road asistance

Our crew and international automoto associations will be your travel buddy available 24/7.

Flexible pick up and drop off locations

You can pick up or drop off our camper vans on several locations in Slovenia, Croatia, Italy and Austria.
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Extra equipment rental

Choose among different fun stuff for a perfect road trip.
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Full coverage insurance option

Name tells you all. Worries are not on the bucket list.
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Different budget options

Different camper vans have different prices due to type of van and capability. Check them out and get a quote here.

Our crew.

We started our Balkan van life story out of love and passion for traveling with retro camper vans. With your help we are trying to live a dream life which gives us freedom, connection and simplicity. Each of us has its own story.

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Your stories.

Best part of this business is seeing smiles on your faces when you come back from your road trip. Thank you for sharing some of the stories with us.

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Love, Flip-Flops and Mokos for 14 days.

“There was nowhere to go but everywhere, so just keep on rolling under the stars – Jack Kerouac.”

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Triglav National Park and a little bit of Austria

“One of the most amazing parks in our region is Triglav national park. This is the story of very nice couple exploring it. Enjoy!”

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Road trip to Samsara!

“Check out Giel's and Carmen's story from wonderful psybient music, yoga & land art festival Samsara. How? With Oliver - old school VW T3 camper van from our family :)”

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Check out what's new.

Stay tuned with our constantly improving service and information, which will help you plan your camper van adventure.

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30% OFF Autumn deal!

Autumn is the best time for road trip. Explore Balkans 30% off!

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How to plan your trip?

Here is a guide how to plan your road trip in a way you want to do it. We will answer your questions like - which camper van is the right for you, where to sleep, eat and how to find destinations and activities you will like.

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Tight budget, no problem! We are trying to fill the gaps between rented periods - so we prepared crazy rental deals for every budget. Check it out!

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