Daily mileage limit and highway usage

Dear road trippers!

Since most of you are curious about how many kilometers you can do with our camper vans and which models can go on a highway, we are dedicating this article to this topic.

We have 18 vans in our fleet at the moment and two more are coming up. Models vary from VW T3, VW T4, VW T5, Golf 1, VW Touran & legendary Nissan Datsun. Different models have different instructions for mileage and highway usage.

VW T3 MODELS (Dugme, Jaro, Jaga Baba, Valter, Boka, Bonsai, Kozmo, Redzo, Plavi, Vučko) and Golf 1
Our WV T3 models are the most charismatic in our fleet. 
These vans are perfect for driving on regional roads where speed limit is 90 kms/h. 
Since their max speed is around 100 km/h it makes no difference in time either.
Most importantly, you will see much more nature and local diversity on a regional road.
They are more than 30 years old, so they need to be treated with love and care. That is why daily kilometre limit in our VW T3 models is 150 km’s / day.
KM's/DAY -   150

VW T4 MODELS (Triglav, Jerry, Mate, Bor, Špik, Viki)
Second largest group of our family are our VW T4 models. They are a bit younger and faster so daily mileage limit here is 300 km’s / day.
Since max speed in these vehicles is around 120 km/h you are allowed to use highways. However regional roads are still advised due to a much better experience.
KM's/DAY -   300

VW T5 MODELS (Bibita, Jadran)

We have two VW T5 models in our camper van family. They are the newest among our fleet. However doing more than 500 km’s / day is not recommended with these two models also.

If you really need to make an exception for one day tell us how many kilometers are you planning to do in advance and we will see if it is possible or not. 
KM's/DAY -   500

VW Touran Tara
Since Tara is our newest camper van and since we want to offer a van for longer distances, you can do unlimited kilometres with this model.