Family friendly vans!

Travelling with camper van is fun for both adults and small children.
There is nothing better than moving with a vehicle that can turn into a living house in a matter of minutes.

Children go crazy especially in cases of camper vans with POP UP or hard top roof. How can you have a tent, a shelter, a kitchen, playground and car at the same time?! :)
Is our main principle. Especially when it comes to families. 
Our owner Miha who takes care of all technical issues and mechanics connected to our camper vans, and his wife have their own family of two small, beautiful kids too. 
So trust us, he understand and makes the vans in a way they are perfectly safe. Even the old ones.
Speaking of them - VW T3 is extremely safe van. In the time when it was made, it was even safest than Volvo. 
Check this crash test to prove it:
This season we installed three point seat belts in the back of all our vans. Some of the vans already had them originally.
We are talking about newer vans which are also the part of our fleet. 
You can fix baby seat perfectly to our seats in the back of every van we have.
If you are flying to our region you can rent the baby seat from us for just 25 € for the whole rent. 
For those families who want a bit more comfort and mordern style -  we have two new camper vans called Jasna and Cefizelj. They are both VW T5 models, which means they have air condition, original seat belts, air bags and more.
With POP UP roof they are extra safe and funny for children.
Also VW T4 models like Triglav or Katina with roof tent - are more than suitable for families.
So tell your kids they are going for a road trip this year. But be aware that if you will show them the photos of the vans it will be hard not to book :).
Take a road trip and reconnect!