Insurance options

To enjoy your holiday 100% relaxed and free, we are offering you also EXTRA and NO WORRIES insurance option. You will be able to choose among these option in the booking process. For additional 9.5 €/day (extra insurance) or 19.5 €/day (no worries insurance), we will cover all the damage on the van above 300 € in case of Extra insurance and above 100 € in case of No worries insurance - even in cases of your responsibility. Please check out our insurance options and what are they covering - Check insurance options.

We have also also set up an option for the drivers who are willing to rent the van, but haven't got the license for two years or more. If you fit in this group we are offering you:
No worries plus is a compulsory insurance if you have possessed your driving license for less than 2 years.
No worries plus is valid under the same terms and conditions as No Worries insurance. The difference between the two is safety deposit. In case of NO Worries Plus insurance, safety deposit is 300 €. In case of ordinary  NO Worries insurance, safety deposit is 100 €.



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