Sleeping facilities - camper van interior.

Balkan Campers tribe on wheels is a family with different types of Volkswagen camper vans. Like the machines, which can differ in fuel and strength type, interior can be very different too. Some of our vans are original Westfalia models, some Reimo and some of them were built by our team in a way we think is the best and the most user friendly.

We can divide beds in our camper vans in four different types.

Pop top roof system is extremely practical. You are cruising around in an ordinary van, small in size. When you stop you simply push the roof out in a matter of minutes. Inside the pop top roof there is a tent, comfortable and cozy for two adults.

Our camper vans with pop top roof system are:

- Bibita
- Mate
- Dugme
- Kozmo

upstairs bedroom in VW retro camper van Dugmeupstairs bedroom in VW retro camper van Dugme

Second type of bed is called HARD ROOF TOP.
Its biggest advantage is standing hight all the time and better isolation because of harder material. This means that this kind of vans are more appropriate for winter time. 
Inside the roof there is enough space for two adults (who like each other). 

Our camper vans with hard roof top are:
- Jaga Baba
- Triglav
- Špik

Easy to sleep for three adultsEasy to sleep for three adults

Third type of bed is a downstairs bed for two people, which you can find in every one of our camper vans.
Some of them have only downstairs bed because they have only one floor. We are talking about:

- Jare
- Valter
- Boka
- Tara
- Jerry
- Špik
- Viki
- Bor
- Plavi

and Redzo.

Types of downstairs beds are similar sizes and vary only a in their shapes and in the way we transform them from rear seats.

Downstairs bedroom in VW WestfaliaDownstairs bedroom in VW Westfalia

The last type is not actually a bed but the roof tent. It's very easy to use and comfortable to sleep in. 
At the moment we can install the roof tent to next camper vans:

- Tara


Roof tent for up to three peopleRoof tent for up to three people