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Hello road trip people!

Here are some useful information to help you organize your trip and get maximum out of your vacation. If you still have some questions please feel free to contact us via -

Pick up and drop off locations!

In which countries and which cities can you hire our camper vans? Check it out!

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Which countries can you visit with our camper vans?

With our camper vans you can travel in all countries in Europe. Check it out how and why!

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Camping information for Slovenia and the Balkans

Check out what do you need to know about wild camping in the Balkans!

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Vans for sale

If you are traveling Slovenia and Balkans for a long time, maybe buying a van is an better option than renting one?

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Besides things included in the basic quote, you can also choose among several extras in the booking process. Check it out!

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Insurance options

Check our different insurance options which you can choose in the booking process. Besides basic insurance (included in the price) - EXTRA and NO WORRIES are also an option.

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Daily mileage limit and highway usage

This article is about how many kilometers / day you can do with different types of our VW camper vans and which models can go to the highway.

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Camper van booking process

Check out our short instructions how to book your favourite VW camper van.

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Best time for a road trip?

7 reasons why May, June, September and October are the best time for a road trip in our region.

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