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Hello road trip people!

Here are some useful information to help you organize your trip and get maximum out of your vacation. If you still have some questions please feel free to contact us via -

Family friendly vans!

Check out why our camper vans are safe, funny and perfect for a family road trip - even for a very young ones!

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In case of a breakdown?

It happens rarely. But if breakdown of the van happens, there is nothing to worry about. Here is why.

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Best time for a road trip?

7 reasons why May, June and October are the best time for a road trip in our region.

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20 € refund!

Pick up the camper van in Tržič and earn 20 €.

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Free parking!

Leave your car in our base Tržič for FREE!

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Main attractions in Slovenia!

List of attractions to do and see in Slovenia!

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Retro camper vans - do they work?

Have you ever wondered how is it possible that our vintage camper vans are so reliable?

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No worries insurance option!

Don't worry about anything, you are on holiday :).

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Best Party in Ljubljana!

Looking for alternative party in Ljubljana? Visit Gala Hala and get a free shot!

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