Vans ownership

The year of 2023 is a year of changes for us. We made some big steps in order to improve the quality of our service and become more sustainable. 

We decided that handling eighteen old school vans is too much for 4 people. That is why we found a solution to the problem, which is called - decentralisation.

From this year on Balkan Campers is a community of friends, owners of VW buses & small companies who will all rent VW buses through Balkan Campers platform. This means one enthusiastic member is taking care of one or two vans and not eighteen as we used to.
This is the only way we can continue with our project and grow in quality of our service and personal life.

One of the important reasons for this was also to enable cheap pickups from all over the Balkans region. We are hoping to find owners/small businesses from all over the region to join our project. In this case you will not pay us 300 € for delivery to Split, but we will find you an owner directly there and pick up will be free.

If you are an owner of old school van, especially from Croatia, Slovenia, Macedonia, Albania, Serbia, Bosnia, you can become a part of our family too. Write us an email if out are interested in cooperation and we can see if we match.

Company LLD d.o.o. is the owner of the brand Balkan Campers and vehicle VW Touran Tara.
All other vans are owned by our partners and may differ in pick up locations and extra equipment. 


Driving towards improvements :)Driving towards improvements :)