Adopt a van!

We already told you that our goal in the future is to decentralize the camper van offer and to build a network of friendly owners all over the Balkan region, which would rent their vans through our website.

If you don’t own a van yet, we have great news for you – we will be selling seven of our best camper vans, starting NOW.



First van looking for a new home is an original, vintage, stylish, sexy beast. It is our VW T3 Krešo. Original aircooled Westfalia with pop top roof. Best news about Krešo is that is has generally renewed 2.0 petrol engine (May 2022) and completely new from the outside too!
You can check if Krešo is the van for you from 10.6. on. 
For a teaser check out the next video made with Krešo:



Second van we will sell is our VW T3 Jaga Baba. This van is perfect for families or couples. With hard roof top you will have a lot of place for storage and standing height all the time. It is also a cool van for off-season months, because hard roof top is a good isolator. Great news is that Jaga Baba too, has generally renewed engine (September 2021) and completely new face/outside. Van has a reliable 1.6 diesel engine, with low consumption. Jaga Baba will be for sale from this September on, but you can check her oud and reserve her before that.



Third van for sale is our stylish VW T3 Valter. He is the most sexy, attractive van that exists. A real bad ass with a warm heart.
Valter has new, fast and reliable 1.6. diesel engine. Valter has pop-top roof for standing height. Van is perfect for two people. Valter will be for sale from this September on, but you can check him oud and reserve her before that.


Dugme is our next VW T3 for sale. Dugme is special because of its 5-gear box transmission, which means it is faster and more powerful than ordinary T3’s. A true joy to drive.
It is our only diesel with pop top roof (lot of space, low consumption). Dugme is extra user friendly with new compressor fridge, perfect for couples, families and groups of friends. We will miss him big time. Dugme will be ready for sale from this September on, but you can check Dugme out and reserve it before that. Here is the video for better picture of Dugme:


Our next van for sale is our VW T3 Soča. We are talking about another original Wetsfalia here. Van is similar to Krešo but blue colour and with water cooled petrol engine. Besides Krešo this van has the highest collector value and it a real vintage masterpiece.

Soča will be ready for sale from this September on, but you can check her out and reserve it before that.

Check out video of Soča for teaser:


Next van for sale is a bit newer, a VW T4 model Jerry. Great thing about Jerry is that it has 4 x 4-wheel drive, perfect for off road adventures. Jerry is a powerful van, very cozy for two people (standing height). It comes with beautiful, funky painting and red curtains (on the photos is was with no curtains).

If you are interested and like any of the vans give us a call to +38651692092 or write us to for more details!