Van Village!

It started off with a joke.

When likeminded people step together, great ideas are born! We were sitting there, sipping on a cup of coffee, discussing how to create new unforgettable experiences for you! We decided to build a proper Van Village on one of the most beautiful natural places in Slovenia – Camp Bohinj, right on the Bohinj Lake.

This village will be your safe haven where you can chill after an adventurous day in Bohinj Valley.

We will park half of our fleet in Camp Bohinj from sustainable reasons. You can come to Camp Bohinj with public transport, it works great.

You will be able to rent our VW buses for sleeping, cooking, chilling and hanging around with other likeminded people in green paradise.

We will continue to rent half of our fleet for road trips so the story goes on. If you wish to rent a campervan to explore hidden locations after spending nice days in Van Village, we will deliver you a van also to Bohinj.  

You can make a reservation for Van Village here:

Wup, wup, see you soon!