FREE road trip ahead!

Free preseason road tripFree preseason road trip

Dear road trip fans.
We were writing a lot about best time for a road trip in Slovenia, Croatia and the rest of our region.
This season we want to go one step further.
We want to give away FREE 5 days road trip with one of our camper vans in Slovenia and Croatia to a group of maximum 4 people - with the best video idea.

Send us an email with video scenario - 5 WICKED IDEAS how you would show that preseason is the best time for a road trip.
For example - two guys are running naked on the beach into crystal clear water - shot from behind - message = in spring time beaches are empty. (of course you don’t need to get naked – just an idea).

Please send the ideas to until 15.2.2020 when the game is finished.

Best group will be rewarded by road trip between (your choice) 1.4. until 15.5.2020 in exchange for a funny video with written ideas during the trip.
If you can make high quality video that would be perfect. However simple funny videos with quality phone also count! 

To get the feeling and some help with the ideas, you can check our article about best time for a road trip in the Balkans:  

We also made few videos from road trips in preseason time. You can check check them on our Youtube channel here: 

We are very excited to hear from you.

Good luck :)