Best time for a road trip?


We know most of you of you simply can’t take your holiday outside the main season because of your job or your kids. However for all of you who can, here are 7 reasons why it’s better to take a road trip in off season months:

1. Lower rental prices 
Rental prices are highest from 15.7. till 15.8. In off season months daily prices drop down to 40 % of rental value. We don’t think price is the most important thing. But when your sources are limited it sure is. If someone - we completely understand that.

2. Mild Weather 
Summer temperatures in our region can reach up to 40 degrees C. With sea temperatures around 28 C and no air condition it’s sometimes hard to cool down. Highest spring and autumn temperatures on the other hand are around 24 degrees C. Perfect for short sleeves. Never too hot and never too cold. Even the fish come closer to the shore.

3. Less tourist 
No waiting in line for toilets, icecream and 45 minutes to order a pizza Frutti di mare. You can even think about making love on a beach again without being spotted by a ranger or our grandmother.

4. Lower campsites prices 
Together with rental prices, campsites prices drop by up to 50 % as well in off season months. Besides lower prices you don’t need to book any campsite in advance. Owners are friendly again. Because they had their beauty sleep.

5. No trafiic jams and angry drivers (or let's say less) 
Further explanation is not needed.

Solčava road

6. Everything is simply more true and relaxed, especially local people.

7. Suporting our crew to keep doing what we love 
If you will come in off season months we will have longer season and possibly earn enough to stay out of boring daily routine jobs. This means we can devote our life to improve our quality and service and help you feel, touch and experience nature, joy and freedom.