Eco roadtrip!


Nature in The Balkans is beautiful! Let's try to enjoy it and keep it this way.

Here is a list of practical things we thought might be useful for an environmental friendly road trip.

  1.        DRIVING SLOW

When driving slow and in appropriate gear, gasoline consumption reduces drastically. Oil consumption, tires and other materials inside the van will last longer.

  1.        DRINKING WATER

In Slovenia, Croatia and the whole region water is drinkable almost everywhere you go. You will find an empty bottle in the camper van kitchen. Use it and refill it instead of buying plastic ones. Best places to do it are bars, campsites, toilets, gas stations, anywhere basically. If you’re not sure, ask locals, they will be happy to help.

  1.        TAKE AWAY COFFEE

Take away coffee in Slovenia is amazing. Especially in Petrol gas stations. Yum!
When taking your coffee, take the cups from the camper van, instead of getting the plastic ones at the station.

  1.        SHOPPING

When shopping use the cotton reusable bag instead of plastic ones. You will find the bag in the kitchen next to the gas tank.
When possible buy your food at local markets, small shops and roadside stalls. This is how you support local people directly and get the freshest veggies and fruits possible.

  1.        RECYCLE

Use bio degradable bags for your trash. You can find it next to the gas tank in the kitchen.
When dropping your trash find colorful trash bins and separate trash. Each country has a different system, so follow signs on the bins. Generally, you separate into paper, glass, packaging and biological waste.

  1.        WALK OR RIDE A BIKE

When you have your van parked in the campsite let him rest for a while. Instead of driving use your legs or your bike on short distances like local shop etc.

  1.        DON’T THROW AWAY YOUR FOOD (unless it is completely rotten)

Using all the food you have bought is great for environment. You use less plastic or other packages and you save energy and pollution when new food has to be produced. Only buy what you need, if you know you’ll have access to food no need to stock up for a week ahead.

Thank you so much for taking care and have FUN!