Off season van hire


We have several options for cosy off-season camper van rental. From fuel based heaters, solar panels, 4 x 4 wheel drive and more. Check it out!

When we speak about off-season camping, we are talking about early spring, winter, and late autumn period.

In this period you will have many advantages like:
1.  Close to zero tourists
2. Untouched and uncrowded, pristine nature
3. Lower camping prices

Since the temperatures (especially in the mountains) can lower down to 0 degrees, we prepared and equipped several vans that are appropriate for this period.

Besides, off-season period, these vans are also equipped in a way that they are functioning like 100% independent units. This means that you can enjoy off the grid, free camping (where you can) with no problems.

Let’s have a closer look how and why?

Top choice for the off-season months and free camping are camper vans Viki and Špik.

They both have solar panels, which fill the energy source. You do not need to connect the van to electricity to enjoy the commodity of fridge, light, phone charging and more.

They both have off the grid heating systems integrated. They are connected to the fuel tank. This means you can heat the van to 25 C in a short period of time, even if you sleep alone on the top of the hill. The consumption of fuel in this case is minimum.

Also the kitchen stove works on gas (included in the van), so you can be truly independent and your holiday can be very cheap too!

They are both higher as usually vehicles, with bigger tyres and most importantly 4 x 4 wheel drive. This is perfect for roads that are not possible to drive for ordinary vehicles.

The both have high rooftop, which gives you a lot of space and more importantly – the roof is better insulated, so the heat does not escape through it.

Besides Viki and Špik, which are build for off-season and off the grid camping, we have few other vans appropriate for off season too.

Jadran for example is extra isolated, also has a Webasto (fuel based, off the grid) heating system and solar panels to fill the battery.

Bonsai and Triglav also have a webasto heating system for possible colder nights.

If you have any questions regarding off-season and off the grid camping let us know. As you can see we prepared several options for you to enjoy the beauty and freedom of pristine and untouched off season road trips. See you soon!