Bosnia and Herzegovina camper van rental!


This moment is very precious for us. We were searching for a good partner in Bosnia and Herzegovina, so people would be able to pick up our VW campervans also in Bosnia. This country is special and perfect for road trips. Campsites are cheap and also free camping in Bosnia is well tolerated.

Road trips in Bosnia are also much cheaper as in many other countries in the region.
You can visit some great national parks in Bosnia with our vans and beautiful rivers like Una, Tara, Drina and much more.

Towns like Sarajevo, Mostar and many more are also amazing.

People are extremely nice and authentic. You will have a great experience of true adventure travel and freedom. Some Europeans call Bosnia also an exotic near bye.

So let’s get back to our campervan VW T5 Elena.

It is freshly made, strong, cosy and reliable.

You can pick it up from Livno, Bosnia – FREE of charge.

You can also come to famous Bosnian town Mostar and we can organise a transfer from Mostar to Livno for you for only 70 €.

If you want to start your road trip from Mostar, we can also deliver our VW T5 Elena there for 100 €.

Good news is also, that we can deliver our VW T5 Elena to Split, Croatia for 100 € or we can organise a transfer from Split to Livno again for 70 €.

Split airport is extremely well connected.

Contact us for more information about Elena and visit Bosnia and Herzegovina with our Balkan campervan!