Dugme looking for spring in Istria, Croatia!

I took some time off to celebrate May Day and went on a chillaxing trip to Istria. My mission to experience the Mediterranean spring is complete. Your turn now to follow the steps of giants, Ancient Romans, Casanova, F1 world champion, and many others who once roamed this historical and picturesque peninsula! Even dinosaurs ;)

This short but rewarding trip from my home town of Velenje to Cape Kamenjak is one of my favorites. Since I can't run marathons like I used to when I was younger, I prefer taking short trips and chilling at captivating places along the road. Do you want to join me? On this down-tempo trip, I can show you many gems of cultural and natural heritage, nestled in a relaxing Mediterranean landscape. Once we reach the coast of the Istria Peninsula we can enjoy the sun, recharge with the aromatic sea breeze, take long walks, windsurf, or do other water sports.

If you ever need a short break, this trip will fill you with picturesque views, distinguished tastes, adventures, and lazy naps at the beach in only five days. Of course, you can take more and explore deeper. Travel along the coast or drive inland in iconic Istria – the home of kind hosts, offering high-quality wine, olive oil, truffles, dry meat, fish, and other specialties. Or just relax anywhere you find it cozy. I can't wait!

Here you can find the route with many different attractions. We can enjoy Velenje Lake, the capital LjubljanaPostojna Cave and Predjama Castle, famous medieval wall paintings in Hrastovlje church, hikes to Veli Badin (Ušesa Istre), the Seven waterfalls trailBuzet Canyon climbing spot, historical MotovunPazinski krov waterfalls, lovely BaleVodnjan and other romantic towns, Arena of Pula, Cape Kamenjak, stunning beaches along the eastern coast, luxurious OpatijaPivka seasonal lakes, and many other captivating locations along the road.

This was the route.


See you soon!