From Ljubljana to Venice!

After some good advice from Balkans Campers, we picked Valter under a perfect storm. Clouds and thunders everywhere, but we decided to go to the Vintgar Gorges anyway. And guess what? The boldness pays off: the sun came out and we didn’t see one single tourist. 

Next morning, we woke up in front of a river at Skofja Loka, in a quiet and wonderful place. 

We went to Velika Planina but this time we were not so lucky about the weather. Just enough time to go up to 1600m, eat a goulash and say hello to cows, before fog and rain caught us. We couldn’t see anything and were forced to go down. Back to Valter! We hit the road to Bled Lake and we warmed up in the Rikli Hotel’s Spa, with a beautiful view.

After a very rainy night, a ray of sun appeared and allowed us to have a peaceful breakfast at Žirovnica lake. Next step: a climb to the Bled Lake viewpoint. More difficult than we expected but the view was breathtaking. And we were alone again!

A quick look at Bohinj Lake and we took the Avtovlak Train with Valter: a quick way to reach the Soca Valley without leaving the van nore driving, but just enjoying the view. 

We hiked up the mountains from where we discovered beautiful points of view on the Soca River and the Tolmin area. 

It was already time to go down to the South. A long but beautiful road with Valter, where we had the chance to see rainbows, deers and foxes. 

For the last days, the weather has finally been better. If you go to the coast, we recommend the bike trail from Koper to Portoroz: you can take a swim at beaches, discover colourful villages such as Isola, stop between olive trees and vines... and swim again!

To end our amazing trip, we discovered Piran, the iconic village and headed to Venice through sunny italian roads. 

 So sad to leave Valter. We were very glad to travel the country with our four-wheeled fellow!

Thanks and see you Slovenia.