Jack and Dani in South Croatia!

We made the decision to travel Croatia with Balkan Campers and had the pleasure of doing so in Jerry. The van was comfortable, spacious and we loved the character of the VW camper.

Senj, Croatia - one of our first overnight spots

The road trip was a great adventure and having Jerry meant we had so much more freedom to explore the hidden gems of Croatia.

The scenery and views whilst heading down the coast were breathtaking, turquoise waters and dramatic mountains surrounding us.

Ribarica, Croatia

The winding roads, tunnels and coastline made the journey an enjoyable drive.

Hvar Town, Hvar Island, Croatia

We boarded a ferry from Split to Hvar Island to visit the historic town, castle and sea caves.

We discovered many small beaches to stop at and snorkel, where the water was crystal clear.


Traveling in a camper-van is the best way to explore a new country and reconnect with nature. We truly love the simplicity of van life and the freedom, waking up to the sound of the ocean in a different location each morning.

Thanks to Balkan Campers for an amazing experience. We would absolutely love to come back out to Slovenia in the future to explore and do some hiking. Dani & Jack. X