Our first van Roadtrip!

At the end of July we made our first van roadtrip! My boyfriend and I went on a great adventure together in our new friend Jasna!

Jasna is an amazing van that immediately gave us confidence and the will to continue our journey to discover Slovenia’s beautiful lakes and paths and also amazing beaches along the Croatian Coast!

On our first day, we went straight to one of the most famous places in Slovenia and where we always wanted to go! Yes, we were at Lake Bled! Wow what a magnificent view, what an incredible water and what a fantastic environment. The best place to start the trip and enjoy a picnic under a shade in front of crystal clear blue water. In the end, there was still time for a swim on the lake.
After Bled we set off to discover the Slovenian mountains! There we got to know another magnificent lake, the Jasna lake! A perfect place to spend a beautiful Sunday with family and friends. Water sports and friendly restaurants are an incredible plus to this place! First day and we couldn't be more amazed by Slovenia! We ended the day in Vrsic pass watching the sunset between the mountains!
On the second day we continued our way with Jasna through the mountains, where we were introduced to the Soca river! When we realized we were near Italy we made a brief stop at the Italian beaches in Trieste! There was still time for another picnic under the trees, this time in front of the sea!

We continued our journey and then we finally arrived in Croatia!! And what a beautiful sunset, which was peeking at us during the trip, we had to stop! So we did and we were already in Senj, our first Croatian beach and how beautiful! In this area we were able to pass by several campsites and nice places to stop! We spent the night and early in the morning we were already walking towards one of the most famous natural parks in Croatia! We have arrived at Krka! What beautiful waterfalls! We confess that we were no longer used to seeing so many people, but the natural beauty spoke louder! We loved it and we were still in time to see one of the main cities in Croatia, Split! We left nature for a moment and went to discover a new city world where we ate ice cream and get to knew Croatia's historic sites better!
The next morning we were already looking for more Croatian beaches and went to discover the Markarska area! What beautiful beaches, how delighted we were with the waters of Croatia!
Since my boyfriend is a big fan of the game of thrones series, we couldn't leave Croatia without a stop in Dubrovnik. What a different city! A city inside walls, surrounded by such a beautiful beach and crystal clear waters! We loved it! We still managed to get a picture on the serie’s iron throne replica and the next day we were on our way again.

This time we are already driving towards our beloved Slovenia again! We couldn't leave to our country (Portugal) without saying goodbye to the Slovenian mountains again!
Before that, on the way up, we stopped at the last spot in Croatia! The plitvice park, which for us is the Mona Lisa of Croatia! We walked right next to the wonderful waterfalls, through wooden walkways always accompanied by beautiful waters.
Finally we were in Slovenia again! The adventure was about to end, but we still had the opportunity to visit one of the wonderful lakes in the country, Lake Bohinji where we ate the last ice cream of the trip, had another picnic in our van and just enjoyed the natural view that surrounded us. It is without a doubt the image with which we wanted to end our trip and this is how we will remember it, so much nature together is breathtaking.

It is important to say that our dear Jasna was the key to this amazing trip and without her we couldn't have enjoyed só many places that we didn't even know existed on the map! It was just a matter of stopping and enjoy it, because on the next day is a new day and there is more to discover and new places to wake up on always in front of beautiful views!