Road trip to Samsara!


Last summer we took Oliver for a spin through the Balkan. Our destination was the wonderful psybient music, yoga & land art festival Samsara. Somewhere halfway August, we travelled by plane to Zagreb, picked up the van and hit the road. The festival site is located in the beautiful natural surroundings of Siofok, Balaton lake, Hungary. We didn’t have much time between the pick-up and the start of the festival, and we wanted to get to the festival quickly so we could pick a good camping spot. In hindsight, it would have been ten times nicer for us and for the camper to drop that rush we were in… The ride is such an experience and we wished we had more of it! Driving a deserted countryside road, seeing the sun set from the panoramic windows while listening to our own favorite music on the radio’s AUX-entrance … simply amazing!


It takes some time to figure out the best way to drive the van. The grandmother we were driving for example had some issues with acceleration of speed. But as long as you’re not in a rush, this is a nice and even funny exploration. Imagine this situation: we’re on a crossroads situated on a slope, the first one in the row on the red lights… When accelerating in 1st gear the motor fails a few times. So one of us gets out of the van and helps to push while accelerating, for a ‘kickstarter’. Everyone in the crossroads is laughing and clapping when we can finally start driving.

It all turned out fine, and after a few hundred kilometres further we figured out the way to hit the pedals correctly so this kind of situation doesn’t take place.

After a week we said goodbye to the festival and we did our best to abide the campervan rules better . We made our way back in the direction of Croatia, with some detours for nice camping and nature spots. We took our time and enjoyed the ride in our little house on wheels. We got into an argument with a four-footed demon (see pic), but mostly, we looked up the good views and stopped randomly for picknicks and naps whenever we felt like it. Van Life without any big plans… the way it’s supposed to be!

Thank you Balkan Campers for this amazing experience! We would advise Balkan Campers to anyone, and I think we’ll be back 

 Bye for now!


 Giel & Carmen