Reduce your CO2 footprint.

By ticking "YES I want to plant a tree",  while booking one of our camper vans you are supporting our mission to reduce CO2 footprint and helping our forest to revive at the same time. 

reduce co2 footprint_balkan_campersreduce co2 footprint_balkan_campers

At camper van pick up we will delivery a small tree to you with instruction how to plant it and where to do it. This is important because we are creating CO2 by you guys coming here and second by driving our old beauties. Beside CO2 footprint we also had two natural disasters in past 5 years in Slovenia connected with trees. First there was heavy ice in 2014, destroying over 50% of Slovenian forest.

 Heavy ice damaged over 50% of Slovenian forest in 2014

 December 2017 -  heavy wind destroying the forest in similar scale.

As you see your help here is extremely important so we would like to thank you again for your contribution of helping to keep the planet safe and untouched.