Reduce your CO2 footprint.

By ticking "YES I want to plant a tree",  while booking one of our camper vans you are supporting our mission to reduce CO2 footprint and helping our forest to revive at the same time. 

Since you are reading this article it means that you care about CO2 produced by the impact of tourism.
We will sum all the trees donations from you at the end of the season and donate the collected money to a project called "Drevo za Cerje" (A tree for the town of Cerje):
In August of 2019, a big fire expanded through the beautiful Carst region in SW Slovenia, destroying important and beautiful forests of their authentic trees.
Miraculously  fire didn't damage "pomnik miru" - a beautiful monument in the middle of the forest which symbolizes peace, friendship and tolerance.
Besides significant ecological impact, your donations will have a historical and peaceful meaning too.
People from Cerje, we as Slovenians and Planet Earth are saying big, big thank you!