Take a road trip with great purpose!


Year is around and wilderness needs us more than ever! 

We want you to join us on Balkan Rivers Tour 4...in one of our vans!

We have created 3 special deals for those who want to help defend wild rivers of the Balkans - one deal for every week of the tour!

This year we will offer our vans based on donations, a give-what-you-can kind of auction.

All donation money goes to Balkan River Defence! :) 
They are doing great work to protect the wild places where we play and we want to get involved and support them! 

1. Week 1 Deal - Romania (April 15th - 20th) (roll out with the van on April 12th and return it April 22nd)
Since it's a long drive from Slovenia to Romania our VW Touran Lady Tara is perfect for this expedition. She is fast and rational with diesel. We are throwing in her special roof tent so she can sleep 4 adults easily. 

Check her out:


And the tent:



2. Week 2 Deal - Slovenia (July 7th - 13th)

It's peak season when BRT4 comes to Slovenia, so we are offering a van we usually safe for staff and special friends. His name is Oldy, a Legendary VW LT 28, almost 40 years old. 

He is registered for four, but can sleep up to six people (good friends who can handle close quarters). If you aren't close at the start of the trip, you will be by the end :).

3. Week 3 Deal - Bulgaria (September 24th - 29th)
Like for Romania, Lady Tara is perfect for an expedition. She's even names after the Tara River in Montenengro :)

Take a road trip with a purpose with one of our vans and help protecting our last pockets of wilderness.

Rent is based on donations! Give what you can.

All the money goes to Balkan River Defence movement run by NGO Leeway Collective.

See you soon! :)