SPECIAL Winter deal!

Dear travelers!

We have a special offer for all of you wanting to explore Balkans in the winter of 2020.
We prepared four vans for you for the winter with winter tires, heating systems, extra electric heaters and blankets.
Besides 40% OFF we will also provide you one FREE SKIPASS for any skiing place in Slovenia by your decision. 

Since our vans doesn't have showers inside you can make a perfect combination of road trip and hot thermal spa visits. 
Our advice is to go there every second day to warm up in saunas and hot pools and shower of course.
Most of the spas also have free or cheap places to sleep in the camper van.

We will also advice you about best places to visit in the winter, special campsites offers,  best ski places and equipment rentals in our region.

Camper vans ready for the winter are Triglav:

You can book Triglav here:


Next one is Jasna:

You can book Jasna here:

Next one is Cefizelj:

You can book Cefizelj here:

And Tara:

You can book Tara here:

All four vans we are offering 40% OFF until 31.3.2020!

See you soon!