Environmental friendly way of traveling should be on the agenda of every person traveling and especially of every person and company working in tourism business.

Our old school VW models are recycled. It is still better to drive 40 year old camper van than change to a new car every 4 years. We were writing about this topic in one of the previous articles. Check it out!

With your help we are also supporting small organizations which are fighting for last pockets of Wilderness like Balkan River Defence.
We are also planting more than 50 trees every year to reduce CO2 footprint. And we will do more we promise!

2020 Corona crisis should be a lesson for all of us. Planet would recover fast if we could only slow down for a moment and rethink about our priorities.
We all know flying is not the best way to travel around. Especially from close by countries, where other ways of public transport are also an option.

We offer pick ups and drop offs in Ljubljana - Slovenia,  Zagreb – Croatia,  Zadar - Croatia,  Split -Croatia,  Dubrovnik – Croatia,  Trieste – Italy,  Venice – Italy and more. Most of the locations are easy reachable by train, bus or any other public transport.


There are numerous ways to arrive to Slovenia by other public transport then flying.
Since trains are the most sustainable way of public transport let’s focus on them first.

The best way to check you train connection to get to Ljubljana is GOOGLE TRANSIT or

For example, night train from Berlin to Ljubljana will only last for about 15 hours.
Train from Paris to Ljubljana 15 hours as well.

So you read a book, fall asleep and wake up in Ljubljana, where we will be waiting for you with coffee and smile.

If the train doesn’t go all the way to Ljubljana you can combine it with buses or blabla car.
To find and compare bus prices Comparabus is a good website to start with.

Bla bla car is share a ride concept of ordinary people going from point A to point B. You can check on line if someone is going in your direction. Contact him and pop inside. Very simple.
Drivers also have profiles so you can check who is a good driver and more.

We have a Slovenian version of Blabla car also called Write us and we will try to find the best connection for you, no problem.
For all of you who will arrive by train and to our base by bus or other transport, we will give a very nice gift – Balkan Campers handmade bag, made out of recycled materials

Since the most ecological way to arrive is not by train but by foot, bike or by hitchhiking, we want to especially award you guys coming here in any of these three ways.
We will give you one FREE rental day and big respect from our crew.