Exploring Slovenia in style!

Exploring Slovenia in Style!

This spring, we decided to delve deeper into some parts of our beautiful country that we didn't know so well. Despite being small, Slovenia hides stunning views around every corner and that’s what makes it perfect for a road trip adventure.

So, we teamed up with Katina, a retro camper van with a soul that charmed us the moment we laid eyes on her.

Our journey began with a visit to the Soča Valley, home to Slovenia's most stunning turquoise waters. We spent our first night in Tolmin at the Gabrje campsite, right by the Soča River, which was truly enchanting. 

In the morning, we brewed some Turkish coffee in the van, prepared breakfast, set up a table and chairs and enjoyed a delightful breakfast in nature before setting off! 


Later we explored the Napoleon Bridge and Kozjak Waterfall, however Tolmin Gorges were unfortunately closed for maintenance at the time.

We also made a stop at Most na Soči and of course, we had to try some delicious traditional food like Frika and Kobarid Dumplings. And then we hit the road towards Gorenjska region. 

Along the way, we stopped several times not only for necessary pit stops but also to capture the views — after all, memories are meant to be preserved through photographs! ;)

Our next destination was at Preddvor, where Lake Črnava stole the show. In our opinion - undoubtedly, one of Slovenia's most underrated lakes!

Our route led us to Jezersko, where we visited one of Slovenia's most popular lakes - Planšarsko Jezero. The journey itself was delightful, with the Kokra River keeping us company along the way.

However, if we thought the drive to Jezersko was picturesque, the journey to Logar Valley (via Pavličevo Saddle) left us speechless with its views of majestic mountains. Katina had to work a little harder to conquer the steep inclines and twists, but she did it admirably. :)

In Logar Valley, we tried one of the most interesting activities we've ever done – archery on 3D targets at the Gradišnik tourist farm. We also visited Rinka Waterfall and Palenk Waterfall.

We also highly recommend taking a drive along the Panoramic Road (especially if traveling by camper van). It's a circular educational trail with various stops including viewpoints, tourist farms, churches, and even the source of mineral water, where you can taste fresh drinking water rich in minerals and vitamins with a hint of iron taste.


Our journey with Katina was truly enjoyable! It was our first time traveling in a camper van, and we were pleasantly surprised by how comfortable it was (considering Katina is an old-timer). We loved the freedom to stop anywhere and anytime for a snack or rest, without the hassle of moving from one apartment to another every day, allowing us to explore more corners in a shorter time.

Katina, with her charming retro look, turned heads everywhere we went. Her unique style didn't just catch glances, it sparked waves and smiles from fellow travelers on the road. Traveling with Katina wasn't just a road trip - it was a stylish nostalgic adventure.

Katina, thank you for an amazing and memorable road trip!