Help us trying to keep the Planet happy and untouched.

We love searching for places with soul and untouched nature, where we are able to reconnect with ourselfs and enjoy inner peace. Unfortunately, this kind of places are disappering every day. It's our duty to keep them simple and clean. We hope all of us will be able to share similar stories from Balkan road trip with our grandchildren one day.
Part of the nature are also us, humans. We belive solidarity, unity and brotherhood were great qualities of Ex-yugoslavian people back in the days. We are trying to bring back the good things of that system and use it as our guidline.

You can help us support the projects, which we think need it the most. We know there are hundreds of projects and individuals in need for help.
We have choosen these for which we know the help is coming into in the right hands.

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Balkan rivers tour 2!

Help us keep Balkan rivers clear and untouched.

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