4 days road trip to Rolling Stones.

First it was an idea. Then this idea became real when we booked tickets for Rolling Stones. Well, at least for Tamara and me. Barbara was still not decided yet (so her ☺) So at the end it was 3 girls on a life time rock and roll tour!

And where will we sleep? We like our commodity and girly stuff so a tent was not an option. But then it hit us … why not rent a camper van? We contacted Balkan Campers, leading van rental company in Slovenia, renting out coll retro vans.  One thing lead to another and camper van Krešo was booked.

Krešo was delivered to us in Ljubljana. A big camper van, which none of us ever drove before- without servo wheel, but with USB port for awesome music and charging the phone. With extra photogenic looks and a lot of room for the stuff we packed for one day & the stuff planned to buy, we were ready to hit the road. Hmmm… the big wheel scared us for a second, but then once we realized it's just a car, we put the music a bit louder and took off! First stop … Polzela … Tamaras birth town. We parked Krešo at her family house and her parents feed us with some nice local goodies. Woke up at 6 am for our next destination - Graz. As we were three girls on a road trip it was necessary to stop at Primark to do some shopping.

Camper  Krešo and girls taking photosCamper Krešo and girls taking photos

We didn’t buy much, but Tamara bought everything with Harry Potter printed on. She is such a fan! After not so heavy shopping, we were tired, dehydrated and in need for some cold beer. After a few pints we forgot about the time and the guys who were waiting for us at the concert were getting inpatient. Why wouldn’t they be – we had alcohol with us!  ASAP we packed our shopping bags and drove to Spilberg … concert destination! The weather was still moody – on and off with sun, showers and haze, but the ride was really pleasant. While singing and laughing we of course missed the exit to the town and had to do the U turn … Tamara stepped on a gas to reach final destination on time! We were not that late after all … a long queue of cars was waiting to get parked on muddy fields. We sure were the attraction – three girls with old camper van – people taking pictures, humping and wowing. We felt special .

We parked Krešo  on a muddy field, changed into our concert “costumes” – jeans, t-shirt, rubber boots and pelerines and were ready 2 go to meet the guys who also came with camper van.

muddy fields at rolling stones concertmuddy fields at rolling stones concert

Together we hit the arena and were waiting in heavy mud to hear and see the “old farts”. After a few beers the concert finally started and the crowd of 100.000 people went crazy. Their whole performance was fucking amazing! They showed us that age is just a number and that their music will last forever. It was sure one of the best concerts and trips ever!

going crazy at rolling stones concertgoing crazy at rolling stones concert

After the concert the real party began … at least for us! Because of the rain we needed to find some roof to get comfortable and dry to continue drinking more beer and whiskey. Not much is remembered but it was great! Thank god we prepared Krešo for a good night sleep before the concert. When we got tired we easily kicked off our muddy boots and crawl into sleeping bags. But early in the morning we had to get up, to drive Tamara and Primož to Graz airport. They were going to Istanbul to cheer for our basketball team who by the way won the European cup! Go Slovenia!  

And then it was just two girls and Krešo on the road again…back to home town Ljubljana. Weather was still “blah” so we wanted to get home quick. Krešo was thirsty and we had to stop two times to fill him up. Well but it was not his fault … it was us girls who thought he had five gears, but sure he does not. Actually the whole trip was driven in third gear! Sorry Krešo for our stupidity! Next time we will give you the treat you deserve.

It was a unique trip with best of friends you can imagine! Krešo was ultimate experience, even in 5th gear ☺ … we had so much fun and will repeat the trip for sure. But next time in sunny and warm weather so we can really experience the camper van and feel the freedom of local streets.

Thank you Nejc and the crew for making it so special! Looking forward to book again!

 p.s. don’t drink & drive … we sure obliged that!