5 days road trip to south of Istria, Croatia.

We took the old road from lj to kp, E409. First stop was bakery near Brezovica where we took a delicius burek and croissants.

children enjoying in Krešochildren enjoying in Krešo

Beacuse of the highways, people forget how beautiful the landscape of Slovenia and Croatia is when you drive 80 km an hour. Passed slo-cro border at Sečovlje and continue on E751 to Pula.

The motorhome Krešo is also very well equipped, so the children slept like babies when dads drank beer and enjoyed the smoke of the night. :)

upside down upside down

For the first trip with a camper van (for me and for my daughter), the choice of Krešo was really the perfect decision. Wherever we stopped, we drew attention. The children played in the car, so two days really went very quickly.

 happy people in VW bushappy people in VW bus