Triglav and the land of Golden Horn


Its hard to believe weve been waiting so long for a roadtrip with a Balkan Campers Volkswagen. But good things come to those who wait - and we finally got tired of waiting. So we rented Triglav and took him back home where he belongs - to the heart of the Triglav national park - Bohinj.

»You’ll get a spot if you come early enough« they said on the phone. So we did, take off was at 6:30 - to the most gorgeous camp there is - Zlatorog.

Packed, sleepy and full of expectations.

Day 1
A spot with an amazing view of the lake?

Mission impossible - the crowd of camping enthusiast was just too big to get a spot at the shore. So we had to settle with one next to a kids adrenalin park (and toilets) - still convenient enough when camping with two kids. And even with all the people and stuff happening around us you could still feel you are amidst wild and semi un-spoilt nature with its breathtaking views in all directions.

Once we parked our man Triglav we brewed some coffee (along Pelinkovec to spice things up a bit) and headed out to the lake for a cup and a shot. Alone, in the misty fog and an occasional duck on its morning mile.

We spent the rest of the day in the camp - we didn’t even dare propose to Jaša to leave the lake and go for a walk or ascent one of the peaks surrounding us.

Curiosity and laziness - who would of thought they go so well hand in hand

They say there’s a different view of the world from a birds eye perspective - but what about from a dogs perspective? Mika enjoyed spending her day slacking in the van with a strategic view over the camps happening. And in front of the van an intense debate about plans for the rest of the day was taking place - smells like a walk through the valley and forests to Slap Savica, The third most visited attraction in Slovenia. A spectacular waterfall, hidden amidst the steep walls of the Komarča. Our poet France Prešeren wrote a poem The Baptism at the Slavica describing the waterfall all »red of blood« during the times of violent Christianisation.

The waterfall is not far from the lake and camp which made it an ideally long hike, with a pleasantly tired return to the camp.

Cooking in the camper is fun on its own but we had a visit on top!

See you tomorrow – we’re in a rush for some swimming, sup and a hike round the Zlatorog land. Diner, beers and long evening talks are mandatory and even the little one was sleeping better in the camper than at home - we finally understood the meaning of sleeping like a baby. Could be the air or the little one is a proper camper enthusiast. 

Day 3 – Babybjorn, chocolates and beer - mandatory equipment for a hike round the lake.

Our short and sweet roadtrip was coming to an end so we decided to take a hike round the lake on our last day. The hike is not that short with roughly five kilometers to go but is a need to do type a thing for anyone visiting Bohinj. The hike was very nice and when the summer heat started kicking inn we found a spot for some skinny dipping and hiding Pika in the shade. After some complaints by the elder one on water running out and on beer shortages by the oldest one we reached Ribčev laz just in time for lunch. Had a quick bite under the popular climbing wall and took the bus back to camp.

Food, cleaning and take off

Slightly sunburned, smelly of lifevests and full of nice memories. The way back was all about buying an old VW camper van, googling prices and planning our next trip. Funny enough that apparently happens with the majority of newcomers. There’s some magic to it no doubt as there’s no doubt we will get together again with Triglav or one from the rest of the BC gang for sure.