Winter family roadtrip to Austria

As we are very adventureous family, we wanted to go on a trip with a camper for a while now. Because of Balkancampers team, we were able to pursue this wish. This Monday we rented a camper (Triglav) and headed for Austria. Our path was full of unforgettable views  and thoughts full of expectations.

 First the path led us to the national park where the Grossglockner is located. We spent the night at 1920 meters above sea level, where we were surrounded by a mighty 3000 m high mountains and an unlimited number of stars.


Otherwise I have to mention that it was quite cold, but we were also able to warm up, because Triglav has system webasto. The best thing of all time! Our baby girl was pleasantly warm and I really didn’t have to worry how we were going to spend the night. After dinner we went to sleep. Sleeping in a camper turned out to suit us very well. We woke up to a beautiful morning, ate breakfast and set off on our way to the other side of Grossglockner.

We wanted to go to the panoramic mountain road leading to the Grossglockner, but bad weather thwarted our plans.

We decided to go back and visit a couple of other local attractions and then head towards Hallstatt.


We had a lot of stops along the way, of course. I have to admit that Triglav worked well in every scenario. It looked downright fantastic. In the evening we finally arrived at Hallstatt where we parked and spent the night at the campsite which is practically in the middle of town. At night it snowed in higher altitudes so that we woke up to views full of snow-capped peaks and mystical mists. We quickly packed our daughter in a backpack and we were already on our way to the city center, where beautiful scenes were waiting for us.


After the tour we had a late breakfast and went on our way home, but we decided to stop somewhere else.

The path took us towards the Solkpass.

On the way to the pass, there were already some warnings that there were snow conditions, but later we found out that the pass was actually closed. As we drove, a winter fairy tale suddenly awaited us. It was also starting to snow, so we turned around and followed the second route home.

But before leaving, of course, I took a few minutes and caught "Triglav" in an idyllic scene. Our little baby girl slept practically all the way, i don't know if ever better and more solid. I think that driving in Triglav suited her immensely.

The trip took a little longer, but we weren't angry at all, because it would be a shame to miss something so beautiful.

The way home passed quickly, it was also a lot of fun. We soon arrived and said goodbye to our camper.

The experience was unique and I am sure we will continue to travel this way in the future. I think that in this way you can experience the essence of the location where you are and feed your soul with adventure.