Road stories

Best part of this business is seing smiles on your faces when you come
back from your road adventure. Check travelers pictures and diaries from road trips around the Adriatic region and other parts of Europe to get some inspiring ideas about where to go and what to do.

5 days road trip to south of Istria, Croatia.

“Two dads, two daughters and Krešo!”

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30 days road trip in South and Central Europe.

“Julie & Jessica - (Euro road trip 2016)”

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5 days road trip in East Slovenia.

“Alice in Wonderland & 6 friends discovering untouched East-north Slovenia.”

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6 days road trip in North Slovenia

“Camper van road trip is best way to travel around our region. Check out our hiking trip in the Alps region in Slovenia.”

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14 days road trip in Slovenia in Croatia.

““Great experience! Cozy campers with great design make you forget about the fast pace of our lives.”

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