Mileage limitations and highway usage.

You are probably wondering how many kilometers you can do on a daily bases with one of our camper vans. Well it all depends on a type of the van you want to rent. Most of our vehicles are VW T3 models. Reason is that are retro and old school but at the same time they work. Anyhow, to keep them going and keep you guys on a safe side, we limited kilometers with T3 models to 250/day off the highways. You will enjoy your road trip way better like this because you will see the landscapes and meet the locals. At the same time 250 kilometers is around 4 to 5 hours drive, so you won't feel to tired.

VW retro camper van Dugme in nature

On the other hand you can do 300 km's daily if you rent one of our T4 models like Katina, Jerry, Triglav or by renting our fast silver arrow - VW Touran named Tara. All of these models have vignette and unlimited kilometers included.
See you soon :)